My Telediction

I woke up this morning feeling very unrested. I had a headache and tossed and turned all night long. You could almost compare it to a hangover. Unfortunately, I did not over-indulge in any tasty adult beverages. I believe my ‘hangover’ was due to depression…depression because my favorite show, ‘Revenge’, had it’s season finale and ended for the summer.

It was a two hour finale and it was chock full of drama. There were so many cliff hangers after the finale that it was almost sensory overload. I think that is why I woke up dragging. What on earth am I going to do for 3 months waiting for the season premiere this Fall?!

I immediately started thinking about other possible shows that I could watch or catch up on. I turned my attention to my DVR. I have a few series recorded on there I could watch. I also thought about Netflix. Maybe there is something new and fresh out there for me to start watching. Summer is the perfect time to have mini-marathons of shows anyway!

Ok, ok. I need to slow down a little bit. I feel like, for me, it has gotten out of control. I call it: Telediction. It basically means that I’m addicted to television…particularly series filled with unrealistic drama. Also, as noted above, I might have a slight tendency to pick up on shows that are on Netflix. I have deemed this new “medical term” Netflixia…the addiction of watching shows on Netflix!

Telediction and Netflixia unfortunately take up much of my spare time. I crunched the numbers on myself based on some of my past favorite shows…

I have wasted a total of:

–6.83 days watching ‘Friends’. That’s almost a week worth of watching nothing but straight ‘Friends’. I never missed an episode!

–5.38 days of watching ‘Desperate Housewives’. Again, never missed an episode. That is like taking a week off of work and watching tv for 5 straight days. Probably not healthy…

Probably one of my newest obsessions is the show ‘Gossip Girl’. Started watching it on Netflix over the winter…all 5 seasons. That is a total of 3.25 days of watching those crazy teens from the upper east side. I have yet to watch season 6 and I’m waiting…not so patiently…for Netflix to give me my ‘Netfix’. It could be a slight problem that I check weekly to see if it has been released yet, but I’m going to just ignore it.

‘Revenge’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ are very close behind. These are shows that I pretty much just can’t miss!

Yes, it’s a problem, but it sure is entertaining and I guess, in the end, entertainment is exactly what I am addicted to! I know I’m not the only one out there that has these same ‘issues’. Watching our beloved tv shows is the perfect way to pass by some time. What else would we do with all those minutes, hours, days???? Hmmm…perhaps that will be my next post!


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