10 Things That Annoy Me During the Holidays


**Warning: This is only my opinion and it is meant to be funny. I really do like Christmas and cannot wait to spend time with my family (even if my dad violates #7). But here is my list…ENJOY and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

10. Being Politically Correct

It annoys me only because I’m bad at it. I’ll be the first person to yell “Merry Christmas” to everyone, but I tend to forget that not everyone celebrates Christmas. The last thing I want to do is be insulting…I am southern and have manners you know!

9. Facebook Pictures or Statuses about the gifts you got

I think this is a bad idea for so many reasons. First of all, no one really cares. Bragging is considered very rude where I come from. Second of all, think about what you are doing. You are basically making it very inviting for someone to come to your house and snag your brand new 60″ flat screen tv or the WiiU that your kids got. Please protect your home (and your ego) by keeping this info to yourselves.

8. Two Commercials…

“Every Kiss Begins With Kay”! Congrats Kay commercial…I now have that song stuck in my head from now until Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t make me want your jewelry, it makes me loathe the fact that you have enough money to fill my head with this song on a daily basis. I just want to have one night where I’m not singing this out loud to my pets!

And also, let’s be realistic Lexus…the day I come home and find a Lexus in my driveway with the big red bow on it, might be the day I physically harm my husband for him not telling me he went out and bought a Lexus. I’ve also never heard of anyone getting a Lexus for Christmas…at least it hasn’t been on my Facebook newsfeed yet!

7. Reindeer decorations for your car


Your car is not Rudolph. But I do wish you would fly into the sky and get out of my way so I can get home!

6. Overpopulation of blow-up decorations in your yard

Christmas Carnage...

Christmas Carnage…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the blow-up yard decorations. I definitely do not mind the ONE giant blow-up Frosty or Santa at the corner of your yard greeting everyone as they drive by. But I do have something against the yard FILLED with endless blow-up Santas, Frostys, snowglobes, Harley Santas, and Reindeer. Not to mention the fact that during the day, when your lovely overpopulated blow-up decorations are deflated, it looks like Christmas carnage all over your front lawn!

5. Radio Stations that play ALL Christmas music


Yep…I’ll do it!

What am I to do when my favorite radio station starts playing Christmas music all day long from Thanksgiving to Christmas? I do like Christmas music from time to time, but I really start missing regular music. Should I find another station or drive in silence? No, because I didn’t ask Santa for a change in my routine this Christmas!

4. The lights on your house that you left up all year long

Your decorations really are wonderful, except for the fact that I’ve seen them hanging on your house all year long. The icicles have been hanging on your gutters since last Christmas. You can’t fool me just by turning them on during the Holidays!

3. Food gifting


Almond Cheeseball?…Please no!!!

Fruitcakes already have a terrible rep, but cheeseballs and cheeselogs are on another level entirely in my opinion. I do not think processed cheese wadded up in a ball with nuts on it is a sweet gift. I think I would rather have a high five. I would get less germs from you that way!

2. 24 Hours of A Christmas Story


The affects of watching the same movie. All. Day.

I know this will make people mad.  This is a Christmas tradition that almost everyone I know absolutely loves.  But the same movie on all day long?  No thanks.

1. Xmas instead of Christmas

I hate the “X” because I just think it is pure laziness. Not only that, but we are dissing Jesus on his birthday too! It would be like telling my friend Stacy, “Happy Birthday Xy!”. She would not be very amused! It’s not hard to type out 5 more letters! A few more seconds is all it will take to complete the word and not to mention is shows a little more respect to the true meaning of why we celebrate December 25th.


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