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Oil Change Anyone??

I have to start this post out by saying when it comes to raffles, I’m probably the most unlucky person there is. However, my husband is also very unlucky. So, put us together and we usually don’t win JACK!

This past weekend, at the Skeeball League Championship (yes, this does exist and yes, this is a whole other story), we entered our names into a raffle. There were 54 teams of three people present at this thing. Meaning, 162 names total written on tiny sheets of paper mixed together in literally a fishbowl. Horrible odds for the unlucky.

Some of the prizes were pretty sweet: iPods, GPS, and a giant TV as a Grand Prize. Those were all the prizes out on the table anyway. I didn’t realize there were more surprises up their sleeve…

So, when 8pm rolled around, the time of the first raffle drawing, you can imagine our excitement. We were also hoping to not be called because let’s face it…we all wanted the TV! Once the first iPod was given away, the announcer mentioned the second prize was an oil change. We definitely thought this was hilarious. If our name was called, think of how funny that would be! Well, they called another name, so we breathed easy. We were still in for the TV!

Not a minute later, they called the guy’s name again, “Second call” the announcer said. Then about a minute later, “Third and final call for the oil change”. Then it happened…they re-drew a name for the oil change. The announcer called out, “From Fairlawn, Jason King!”.

There it was. Jason, my unlucky husband, won something. A free oil change in a city over an hour away. Perfect.

So, after laughing our heads off for a while. We finally have our turn at skeeball and went to play our game. Our joy didn’t last long as we lost to a bunch of skeeballing pros.

I am a huge competitive person. To the point where it might be a disorder, so I was extremely ticked off that we lost and immediately wanted to get out of there! Jason, the patient person he is, said that we should just wait for the next drawing to see if we won something.

Then all of a sudden, I hear my name! I WON SOMETHING!!! Everyone around me was so excited for me and I kept asking what I won, but no one knew. So, I ran up to the front as fast as I could. I almost felt like my name being called was redemption for losing. The taste of victory finally and it felt great! I was smiling from ear to ear and when I approached the prize table I quickly raised my hand, so they knew it was my name they just called. I gleamed with pride…

And there it was…the OTHER free oil change gift certificate.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out if this is actually lucky or unlucky that both Jason and I won the only two free oil change gift certificates. I say unlucky because the prize is pretty much useless because the cost of gas to get there would be way more than the oil change by itself. Should we play the lottery or stay in the house for fear of us BOTH getting struck by lightening??


A Very Amateur Book Review–Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I guess the ironic thing here is that my first blog post is about a book I just finished reading. However, it is a very good book and my inner-dork motivated me to write something about it!

So, I just finished the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell. It was a very good read and offered a different perspective on success and good fortune. This is probably one of the more challenging reads that I have had in quite some time, but because the material was interesting, it kept my attention.

Probably the most eye opening topic in the book, in my opinion, was about cultural backgrounds. There is so much to learn from a person’s heritage and family tree! I never knew that cultural background could be so pertinent in something like respecting authority. And those cultures that statistically test higher in respecting authority can possibly breed pilots that are more likely to crash a plane. Amazing how that is a factor in most plane crashes that have happened in our history. Basically, the co-pilots that notice something amiss would not speak up to the captain solely on the premise that they culturally just do not question authority! When a simple outgoing remark could have saved their lives, cultural norms held them back.

I am around so many diverse people on a daily basis, it makes me really want to learn more about where they come from…especially if from a different country. It would help anyone become a better leader or manager I would think.

The other eye opening piece of success, is sometimes, people are just lucky. They are born the right time or born in the right area of the country or born into the right family. These lucky placements in time get them around opportunities that others aren’t lucky to have. The timing was just right and the opportunity was there for the taking. Opportunity gives more practice and more practice makes you improve and improvement breeds more opportunity. So, you see, the main thing is opportunity. If given a CHANCE, some people can just take off perfectly in the right direction. The smartest person in the world would have a hard time living up to their potential if they were never let into college. The most talented athlete will never get better and have the opportunity to take their game to the next level, if the coach keeps them on the bench. It’s all about reps and hours and hours of doing what they do best.

This book has definitely driven me to read more “intellectually”. I’ve been stuck on fiction books my whole life and reading about these imaginary worlds. It’s finally nice to read something that is supported by actual facts!