I love fortune cookies! Don’t you just love them too?? Sometimes you might get an inspiring message or great advice…you just never know what you are going to get! I save mine in case I need a laugh or maybe some deep thinking and I feel like I should share these with you!

“Most of the year you are happy as a clam at high tide.”

Such a lovely fortune and one I would agree with completely. Some of you might ask, “Why is a clam so happy at high tide?” Glad you asked. Low tide is the best time to dig for clams. They are more at risk for being found and extracted from the sand by predators! However, at high tide, the clams are in their happy place covered in water and able to eat whatever they want and hidden away from a future clam lover looking to steal them away!

So, saying you are happy as a clam at high tide, is in fact, a very good definition of happy!


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